Thursday, May 9, 2013

To spontaneous opportunities,

Wow!  What a crazy year this has been thus far and not sure where we’re headed or where this blog is headed, however, I’ll try and document and figure it out as I go!
Last night, we were sitting on the porch waiting for Daddy and Poppi to come home.  It had just rained and I had you outside, barefoot, for you to feel the wet grass in your toes.  As we’re sitting there, a woman stops her car across the street, waves to us and comes on over.  Turns out, she was a television reporter and asked if I wouldn’t mind to be interviewed about the recent discoveries in the area ground.  See, it’s scary, but we live in a subdivision that backs up to an old Ford plant.  Some toxic chemicals have been found in the ground in the back of the sub and the baseball diamonds and it’s headed towards us.  It’s pretty scary and nerve racking stuff I’m talking about here.  We’ve contemplated, “What do we do?”  Do we stay living here?  If we put the house for sale, will we be able to find another home?  Will this house sell now?  Where do we even begin to look?  We had purchased this house almost 3 years ago to make you a home.  “What do we do?”  All sorts of questions.
Back to the interview, do you realize how weird it is to have a camera in your face?  I’ve never been comfortable with video and hope I didn’t look it!  (smile)  She asked you your name.  And in the quietest sweet voice a little unsure of who this stranger is, you told her your full name.  What a proud mommy I was.  I’ve never heard you tell someone your last name too!  So we sat on the porch playing, chatting with her about our health fears.  It really is scary.  They say that the area is going to be cleaned up.  My question, is “How?” 
She started asking me how I feel since I have a little child.  I was truthful.  I’m concerned.  On these gorgeous days, we want to be outside playing.  But, is playing outside safe?  And how can I tell you we cannot go play outside on a gorgeous day!  So we go outside, concerned but also realizing we HAVE to live.  While we sit there discussing this, I am realizing how awful I look.  No make up.  T-shirt with my most comfy baggy capris on.  Slightly happy I had shaved that morning!  (smile)  And then, you were hilarious.  In the middle of all this seriousness, you let out several LOUD farts!  (I know you will probably find this embarrassing when you are older but it was truly hilarious!)  We all started laughing!   It was great to laugh!
They got some great footage of you playing and talking.  You started opening up and told them what you had for lunch and that you were hungry and waiting for Daddy and Poppi.  It was so cute to see you play and turn and smile at them!  Priceless!  I am so happy that they are going to be dropping off a DVD of the town hall meeting from last week and the footage they got of you playing.  You are so precious my dear!
Prayers that we and the township and Ford can figure out what to do!


  1. Awww! Let me know when you get a copy of the DVD; I'd love to see it! :)

  2. Will do! It was so crazy! Exciting, scary but love to have some footage of little Miss!!!