Thursday, May 23, 2013

To Day 4 of new meds,

Holy Moly!!!!  Today is day 4 of my new meds and man, I feel GREAT!  I mean, really GREAT!  I didn't realize how far "down" I had gotten.  My energy is renewed and I feel like I myself again!

Today Miss E and I have done many little around the house errands.  I mean, we've just stayed moving!  Then before lunch, we went on a 30 minute power walk because I really want to do what I can to lose this weight.  (And, I'm not ready to get on that scale.  I know I'm less than my highest back in college, but it's still a large number.  I'll start weighing myself once I start feeling like there is some change!)  Well, truth be told, I pushed her in the stroller, a toddler who LOVES to run and did NOT want to be in the stroller, but we did it!  Towards the end, I felt exhausted and my legs were like jello but it is only 3.5 hours later, and I feel so ENERGIZED!  I am ready to go on another walk!  I am really looking forward to showing her just how important it is to be and stay healthy!

So, keep track of your health!  Sometimes those little things that you brush off are warnings signs that there may be something bigger there.  I mean, look at me, it's only day 4 of my new "diagnosis" and meds, and I feel fantastic!!!  And remember, please help keep me accountable! 

Until we "meet" again,


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