Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A time for cultivation!

This weekend we worked and worked and worked in the yard and the garage.  See, when we bought this house almost 3 years ago, the previous owners had not taken care of it in a long time.  Everything was overgrown, dead or dying.  We even had to bring in new topsoil and plant seed for grass because the land was so barren.  The first fall we lived there, we planted 6 trees in the yard.  Yes, our little yard we planted 6 trees and I love them!  Last spring, we spent a couple of weekends tearing out almost all the shrubs they had planted and put our own spin on the gardens.  We loved how they turned out!

Bring on 2013!  We were so excited to keep the momentum of the gardens moving and we've had a ton of success!!!  Two of our gardens in the front yard are completely done, one being an annual garden (we call it our kidney garden since it is in the shape of a kidney) that I'm having a ton of fun experimenting on and the other being the garden in front of the dining room.  The third garden, which we affectionately call the Crimson garden after the Crimson King Maple we planted there, is so close to done I can taste it!  (smile)  It just needs one or two more items and then it is DONE!  Daddy is thinking we should put a bird bath in that garden.  Ahh, all we'd need is the picture window seat and you'd be able to find me there almost every morning.  (smile)  I am so excited to sit back and watch it all grow!

I also worked on the garage side garden.  This garden is the one garden we're having some difficulties with.  The previous owners planted two azalea bushes there but again, never took care of them, along with a TON of hosta.  We've since transplanted four of the hosta, which I'll show in some pictures later, but that garden still needed a lot of work.  So, I went to town.  One of the azalea plants was/is really struggling.  Very leggy with little to no substance or branches.  I decided to take it out of the ground and move it a little.  Now, I will be hoping to teach you about planting as you get older.  This poor plant, which had been planted at some point within the last seven years, had never taken root.  It still was in its original root ball!  Not good at all.  So I moved it, trimmed back a bunch of dead growth, and will be "feeding" it later this week.  I also planted two more azaleas and then transplanted all but one of the hosta left in that garden.  I just need four more plants to fill in the holes and preferably, they will be a late summer, fall color type plant.  (smile)  Now definitely could use some assistance in which plants will be put there.  (smile)

So, all in all, a great weekend of working outdoors!  You helped us a TON but also, you were ready to be done with yard work.  And really, who could blame you!  On Sunday, I was so very close to being done with all the planting when we went inside for lunch.  We sat and told you that once we were done with lunch, we'd be heading back outside to plant some more.  You, very matter of factly told me, "No Mama.  I don't want to go back outside."  Ha ha.  Well, we did and were able to finish quite quickly, despite you "stealing" two of the petunias and "planting" them in your car.  You are such a great kiddo!!!

Here are some pictures of our progress outside this past weekend!  Enjoy!


PS...In case you were wondering, the meds are working!  Ha ha!  (Very big smile and chuckle)

Dining Room Garden

Kidney Garden

Crimson King Garden

Thursday, May 23, 2013

To Day 4 of new meds,

Holy Moly!!!!  Today is day 4 of my new meds and man, I feel GREAT!  I mean, really GREAT!  I didn't realize how far "down" I had gotten.  My energy is renewed and I feel like I myself again!

Today Miss E and I have done many little around the house errands.  I mean, we've just stayed moving!  Then before lunch, we went on a 30 minute power walk because I really want to do what I can to lose this weight.  (And, I'm not ready to get on that scale.  I know I'm less than my highest back in college, but it's still a large number.  I'll start weighing myself once I start feeling like there is some change!)  Well, truth be told, I pushed her in the stroller, a toddler who LOVES to run and did NOT want to be in the stroller, but we did it!  Towards the end, I felt exhausted and my legs were like jello but it is only 3.5 hours later, and I feel so ENERGIZED!  I am ready to go on another walk!  I am really looking forward to showing her just how important it is to be and stay healthy!

So, keep track of your health!  Sometimes those little things that you brush off are warnings signs that there may be something bigger there.  I mean, look at me, it's only day 4 of my new "diagnosis" and meds, and I feel fantastic!!!  And remember, please help keep me accountable! 

Until we "meet" again,


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

To a healthier me,

Since the start of this year, a lot of medical issues have taken place in our little family.  We’ve had death, surgeries, emergencies, illnesses, pretty much you name it, it seems to have happened. 
With all these “issues” taking place, it’s easy to overlook how someone feels.  You’re relatively healthy.  You’re a little down with all that’s been going on but you keep on keeping on.  Well, over the last month especially, I just didn’t feel like myself.  VERY run down, a little foggy, putting on LOTS of weight and wondering if I needed some outside assistance to get me feeling like me again.
Enter last Thursday.  I had a doctor apt for something completely unrelated and they decided to do a blood draw.  It was a new doctor after all and they just wanted to get everything off on the right foot.  This appointment was a little over 30 minutes away so I said, why not just do it now if I don’t need any of the fasting numbers.  And the coolest thing, they could do it!!!  They had all the facilities in house!  So, we got my blood drawn and went along our way.
On Friday late afternoon I got a call.   
Them:  You haven’t been feeling like yourself lately have you?  
Me:  No, I really haven’t. 
Them:  Well, here’s the reason why.
Oh my goodness!  I was so excited to hear that I wasn’t going crazy!  Ha ha ha!  Well, a little crazy because I am after all me, but not totally crazy!  There really is something that is just not quite right that has been causing these issues!  It was so cool to hear her say, “You’ve been experiencing this, this and this haven’t you?”  Yes!!! 
So this past Monday, I started a pill that is going to help get me back to where a healthy woman my age should be!  And let me tell you, it’s only day 3, and I know some of it is just the fact to be diagnosed, but I am feeling a little better already!  Watch out, here I come!!!
Now that I have this diagnosis and am being treated properly for it, get ready.  A new healthier me is on the horizon!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

To my Grandma,

Today would have been my Grandma's 86th birthday and she is celebrating her first with Jesus and Grandpa.  I always thought is was so cool that my Grandparents shared a birthday, despite the fact that it confused me to no end growing up.  (smile)  Today would have been Grandpa's 87th birthday.  And for the first time, they are celebrating together with our Lord.  It's surreal to think she's been gone for 4 months now and that Grandpa has been gone for almost 7 years.  It seems so important to remember them today, the day after J's Grandmother passed away. 

I think about her all the time and things I want to tell her.  Tell her the new little thing that Miss E is doing.  Tell her the surprises and joys.  Tell her the struggles and tears.  Tell her how much I love her.  Listen to her laugh and the love she had for us all.  When people would mention their grandmothers, I would picture her.  I love you and miss you so much Grandma!

I know so many people say stop, listen to your grandparents and their stories, but it really is so very true.  I wish I remembered all the stories that my grandparents had told me all those years.  The funny tidbits that Grandpa would say.  The little eyeroll that Grandma would give.  (smile)  They loved each other and each of us more than life itself.

So listen to those stories children.  Our lives are so short.  Relish the laughter and all those eyerolls.

Here are some pictures we took back in 2011, her 84th birthday.  Four generation of Blum women.  I'm so proud to be called your Granddaughter.  Happy Birthday Gwyn.  (Obituary)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

To listening and watching,

You have quite the personality already!  Everyday I learn more and more about you and I am just in awe as I watch and listen to you.  You see, I try very hard to take time and just sit back and watch and listen to all that is going on around me.  Someone told me to do that on the day of our wedding, and well, it's just a great practice for all aspects of life.

This past weekend was Mother's Day.  And let me say, you and Daddy went all out.  It was so nice to be pampered by you and Daddy.  There have been some things going on that I'll tell you about later that has made this Mother's Day even more special and harder but despite all that, I cannot thank God enough for you.

While reflecting on that, I sat down to fold laundry while you played in your bathtub.  I will start by saying you should never leave a child in the bathtub unattended.  I was within earshot (which I'm sure I will still get flack for) but I could get you on a moments notice if need be.  I love to sit and listen to you when you aren't aware that I am listening.  You were so happy!  Mommy made the bath water purple and that is your FAVORITE type of bath!  It's really so cute to see you get so excited for a colored water bath!  You laughed, and sang, and played.  I sat there, stopped folding the laundry and just listened to your little voice.  Such joy and you were so enveloped in what you were doing in the bathtub.  You have such passion in everything that you do and I love it!  This time, you were reliving your day at "school" with your bath toys.  "Good morning Evie!  Everyone say, 'Good morning Evie!'  Good morning turtle!  Everyone say, 'Good morning turtle!'"  I let you play in the water for at least 30 minutes, was probably more like 45 minutes ha ha.  You were just having so much fun!  Then, once I washed you up, you splashed and turned in the water over and over saying, "Bye Bye Purple Water!" until it was all gone.  You have my heart child.  You have my heart.

Like I said earlier, I love to listen to you.  Again, the passion you have and the zest for life is amazing.  I again listened to you while you and Daddy got ready for bed.  You have this new nighttime giggle routine that is hilarious.  Every chance you get, you dart for it!  You run as fast as you can (which I might add is getting faster and faster!) to our bedroom and "hide" between the bed and the nightstand.  You giggle and laugh the entire way and scream happy squeals as we come and chase after you.  Again, your laughter, giggle, squeals are so wonderful to hear and make my heart warm.

I love your personality so much and hope and pray you always have this zeal!  God has made you such a blessing to us!  Love you Little Miss Giggles!  Remember, take time out to listen and watch life!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

To spontaneous opportunities,

Wow!  What a crazy year this has been thus far and not sure where we’re headed or where this blog is headed, however, I’ll try and document and figure it out as I go!
Last night, we were sitting on the porch waiting for Daddy and Poppi to come home.  It had just rained and I had you outside, barefoot, for you to feel the wet grass in your toes.  As we’re sitting there, a woman stops her car across the street, waves to us and comes on over.  Turns out, she was a television reporter and asked if I wouldn’t mind to be interviewed about the recent discoveries in the area ground.  See, it’s scary, but we live in a subdivision that backs up to an old Ford plant.  Some toxic chemicals have been found in the ground in the back of the sub and the baseball diamonds and it’s headed towards us.  It’s pretty scary and nerve racking stuff I’m talking about here.  We’ve contemplated, “What do we do?”  Do we stay living here?  If we put the house for sale, will we be able to find another home?  Will this house sell now?  Where do we even begin to look?  We had purchased this house almost 3 years ago to make you a home.  “What do we do?”  All sorts of questions.
Back to the interview, do you realize how weird it is to have a camera in your face?  I’ve never been comfortable with video and hope I didn’t look it!  (smile)  She asked you your name.  And in the quietest sweet voice a little unsure of who this stranger is, you told her your full name.  What a proud mommy I was.  I’ve never heard you tell someone your last name too!  So we sat on the porch playing, chatting with her about our health fears.  It really is scary.  They say that the area is going to be cleaned up.  My question, is “How?” 
She started asking me how I feel since I have a little child.  I was truthful.  I’m concerned.  On these gorgeous days, we want to be outside playing.  But, is playing outside safe?  And how can I tell you we cannot go play outside on a gorgeous day!  So we go outside, concerned but also realizing we HAVE to live.  While we sit there discussing this, I am realizing how awful I look.  No make up.  T-shirt with my most comfy baggy capris on.  Slightly happy I had shaved that morning!  (smile)  And then, you were hilarious.  In the middle of all this seriousness, you let out several LOUD farts!  (I know you will probably find this embarrassing when you are older but it was truly hilarious!)  We all started laughing!   It was great to laugh!
They got some great footage of you playing and talking.  You started opening up and told them what you had for lunch and that you were hungry and waiting for Daddy and Poppi.  It was so cute to see you play and turn and smile at them!  Priceless!  I am so happy that they are going to be dropping off a DVD of the town hall meeting from last week and the footage they got of you playing.  You are so precious my dear!
Prayers that we and the township and Ford can figure out what to do!