Wednesday, May 22, 2013

To a healthier me,

Since the start of this year, a lot of medical issues have taken place in our little family.  We’ve had death, surgeries, emergencies, illnesses, pretty much you name it, it seems to have happened. 
With all these “issues” taking place, it’s easy to overlook how someone feels.  You’re relatively healthy.  You’re a little down with all that’s been going on but you keep on keeping on.  Well, over the last month especially, I just didn’t feel like myself.  VERY run down, a little foggy, putting on LOTS of weight and wondering if I needed some outside assistance to get me feeling like me again.
Enter last Thursday.  I had a doctor apt for something completely unrelated and they decided to do a blood draw.  It was a new doctor after all and they just wanted to get everything off on the right foot.  This appointment was a little over 30 minutes away so I said, why not just do it now if I don’t need any of the fasting numbers.  And the coolest thing, they could do it!!!  They had all the facilities in house!  So, we got my blood drawn and went along our way.
On Friday late afternoon I got a call.   
Them:  You haven’t been feeling like yourself lately have you?  
Me:  No, I really haven’t. 
Them:  Well, here’s the reason why.
Oh my goodness!  I was so excited to hear that I wasn’t going crazy!  Ha ha ha!  Well, a little crazy because I am after all me, but not totally crazy!  There really is something that is just not quite right that has been causing these issues!  It was so cool to hear her say, “You’ve been experiencing this, this and this haven’t you?”  Yes!!! 
So this past Monday, I started a pill that is going to help get me back to where a healthy woman my age should be!  And let me tell you, it’s only day 3, and I know some of it is just the fact to be diagnosed, but I am feeling a little better already!  Watch out, here I come!!!
Now that I have this diagnosis and am being treated properly for it, get ready.  A new healthier me is on the horizon!

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