Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A time for cultivation!

This weekend we worked and worked and worked in the yard and the garage.  See, when we bought this house almost 3 years ago, the previous owners had not taken care of it in a long time.  Everything was overgrown, dead or dying.  We even had to bring in new topsoil and plant seed for grass because the land was so barren.  The first fall we lived there, we planted 6 trees in the yard.  Yes, our little yard we planted 6 trees and I love them!  Last spring, we spent a couple of weekends tearing out almost all the shrubs they had planted and put our own spin on the gardens.  We loved how they turned out!

Bring on 2013!  We were so excited to keep the momentum of the gardens moving and we've had a ton of success!!!  Two of our gardens in the front yard are completely done, one being an annual garden (we call it our kidney garden since it is in the shape of a kidney) that I'm having a ton of fun experimenting on and the other being the garden in front of the dining room.  The third garden, which we affectionately call the Crimson garden after the Crimson King Maple we planted there, is so close to done I can taste it!  (smile)  It just needs one or two more items and then it is DONE!  Daddy is thinking we should put a bird bath in that garden.  Ahh, all we'd need is the picture window seat and you'd be able to find me there almost every morning.  (smile)  I am so excited to sit back and watch it all grow!

I also worked on the garage side garden.  This garden is the one garden we're having some difficulties with.  The previous owners planted two azalea bushes there but again, never took care of them, along with a TON of hosta.  We've since transplanted four of the hosta, which I'll show in some pictures later, but that garden still needed a lot of work.  So, I went to town.  One of the azalea plants was/is really struggling.  Very leggy with little to no substance or branches.  I decided to take it out of the ground and move it a little.  Now, I will be hoping to teach you about planting as you get older.  This poor plant, which had been planted at some point within the last seven years, had never taken root.  It still was in its original root ball!  Not good at all.  So I moved it, trimmed back a bunch of dead growth, and will be "feeding" it later this week.  I also planted two more azaleas and then transplanted all but one of the hosta left in that garden.  I just need four more plants to fill in the holes and preferably, they will be a late summer, fall color type plant.  (smile)  Now definitely could use some assistance in which plants will be put there.  (smile)

So, all in all, a great weekend of working outdoors!  You helped us a TON but also, you were ready to be done with yard work.  And really, who could blame you!  On Sunday, I was so very close to being done with all the planting when we went inside for lunch.  We sat and told you that once we were done with lunch, we'd be heading back outside to plant some more.  You, very matter of factly told me, "No Mama.  I don't want to go back outside."  Ha ha.  Well, we did and were able to finish quite quickly, despite you "stealing" two of the petunias and "planting" them in your car.  You are such a great kiddo!!!

Here are some pictures of our progress outside this past weekend!  Enjoy!


PS...In case you were wondering, the meds are working!  Ha ha!  (Very big smile and chuckle)

Dining Room Garden

Kidney Garden

Crimson King Garden


  1. Looks gorgeous! I wish I had more of a green thumb. My flowers didn't survive some of the frost, so I need to go get some more!

  2. Thank you Mrs. Weber! I normally wait until Memorial Day for that very reason (except last year...it just got so hot so fast). I'd be more than happy to help if you ever wanted some help! I love to get my hands in the dirt! :D