Tuesday, May 14, 2013

To listening and watching,

You have quite the personality already!  Everyday I learn more and more about you and I am just in awe as I watch and listen to you.  You see, I try very hard to take time and just sit back and watch and listen to all that is going on around me.  Someone told me to do that on the day of our wedding, and well, it's just a great practice for all aspects of life.

This past weekend was Mother's Day.  And let me say, you and Daddy went all out.  It was so nice to be pampered by you and Daddy.  There have been some things going on that I'll tell you about later that has made this Mother's Day even more special and harder but despite all that, I cannot thank God enough for you.

While reflecting on that, I sat down to fold laundry while you played in your bathtub.  I will start by saying you should never leave a child in the bathtub unattended.  I was within earshot (which I'm sure I will still get flack for) but I could get you on a moments notice if need be.  I love to sit and listen to you when you aren't aware that I am listening.  You were so happy!  Mommy made the bath water purple and that is your FAVORITE type of bath!  It's really so cute to see you get so excited for a colored water bath!  You laughed, and sang, and played.  I sat there, stopped folding the laundry and just listened to your little voice.  Such joy and you were so enveloped in what you were doing in the bathtub.  You have such passion in everything that you do and I love it!  This time, you were reliving your day at "school" with your bath toys.  "Good morning Evie!  Everyone say, 'Good morning Evie!'  Good morning turtle!  Everyone say, 'Good morning turtle!'"  I let you play in the water for at least 30 minutes, was probably more like 45 minutes ha ha.  You were just having so much fun!  Then, once I washed you up, you splashed and turned in the water over and over saying, "Bye Bye Purple Water!" until it was all gone.  You have my heart child.  You have my heart.

Like I said earlier, I love to listen to you.  Again, the passion you have and the zest for life is amazing.  I again listened to you while you and Daddy got ready for bed.  You have this new nighttime giggle routine that is hilarious.  Every chance you get, you dart for it!  You run as fast as you can (which I might add is getting faster and faster!) to our bedroom and "hide" between the bed and the nightstand.  You giggle and laugh the entire way and scream happy squeals as we come and chase after you.  Again, your laughter, giggle, squeals are so wonderful to hear and make my heart warm.

I love your personality so much and hope and pray you always have this zeal!  God has made you such a blessing to us!  Love you Little Miss Giggles!  Remember, take time out to listen and watch life!



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    1. Thanks! I cannot wait for you to come and play! She now is very much into pretend play and we have lots of "parties." Just yesterday we had a pizza party, a tea party, everything is a party! :D

  2. Aw, so cute! It's amazing what we can hear from our kids when we just stop and listen.

    P.S. How do I make purple bath water?! Sounds FUN!

    1. The Easter Bunny was so kind and brought us some Crayola Bath Dropz and they are so much fun! Here's the link to them on Amazon. We'll definitely be stocking up on these in the future! :D