Tuesday, January 5, 2016

We're less than two weeks away...

I started off this post thinking about writing all the things that are you.  It's been a while since I've written and I think about you all.the.time and how I haven't written nearly as often as I should.  And as I started writing, this post turned into little stories as to who you are right now.  It may not always flow perfectly but thinking about you and what you’ve accomplished so far in your short life makes me smile and so proud to be your mama.  Here you go baby girl (smile):

Wow.  I cannot believe how quickly time flies.  In less than two weeks, you will be FIVE and I just cannot believe it.  In some ways I can totally see where the last five years have gone.  I’ve gotten to watch you grow and learn and discover just who you are.  And yet, it doesn’t seem like you could have been with us nearly that long.  Are you sure you are not turning 2?!  (Although the five going on fifteen attitude surely reminds me – wink.)

Five years ago today I was waiting for you.  My original due date was five years ago yesterday, January 4, 2011.  Then it got switched to the third, but you had other things planned.  Waiting waiting waiting.  You taught us early on you would come when you were ready, and you haven’t changed.  You do things in your own time (with us sometimes adding in some prodding – smile). 

You are such a wonderful little person.  You love to play dress-up, most excitedly changing into different ball gowns, while twirling and curtsying.  And let’s not forget the accessories.  What princess would be complete without a tiara?!  And when we are at A’s house, it is adorable as you have M and/or A announce who is coming down the stairs, and then you come down the stairs, dressed as a princess in full regalia, smiling and so excited to be the bell of the ball. (The last time we were over there you announced you were getting married and were wearing one of the Disney Princess wedding gowns, beautiful as ever.  I so look forward to that day but I can wait twenty years or so for it and I hope we do not have drama. Why is it you like to play and pretend there is drama?!  You were pretending you had called off the wedding but staying in the wedding dress.  We could all use a little less drama in our lives. – smile)

When you aren’t playing dress up, we can find you coloring or writing.  You coloring skills have improved beyond what I thought they could in a year.  You draw things, like people and they have to have all the hands, feet, eyes, eyebrows, etc, something you were just starting to learn about a year ago.  You draw animals, flowers, everything.  You love to color and make things look so magical.  And your writing, WOW just wow.  You practice and practice and are writing so beautifully, constantly writing us letters.

Pretend play has become such a big thing in your life and I love it! The number one thing you like to pretend is being a baker.  You get so excited to make us many different types of cupcakes and have told us many times you are going to be a baker.  I so look forward to your creations!  Your love of baking and cooking has led you to watch cooking shows (favorite being Cupcake Wars) and the things people put in food can be, well, we will be kind and say “creative,” but what it has taught you is that you can try and make things out of ANYTHING and that I absolutely love.  The world is your oyster baby!

Lastly, and this one I find so important, you have a wonderful love for reading.  You read and read and read.  We have so many books we no longer have room on our shelves for all the books you have collected over the years.  And you just got your first chapter book gifted to you by your Godparents this past Christmas.  Sitting there, watching you read it aloud to us brings such happiness.  You read, and something I didn’t think would come until later, you actually comprehend what you are reading.  When it comes to a word you don’t know, you ask us what the word is and if you do not understand what it means, you ask.  Your thirst for knowledge is awe-inspiring.

Again, five.  Five.  How can it be that you are going to be FIVE?!  Each passing moment brings both happy and sad memories, but even the sad ones are mostly laden with happy sad.  Case in point, a happy sad memory from this past Christmas, Christmas 2015 (happy because you are you and sad because you are growing up way too fast).  This past Christmas might have been the most fun yet.  Don’t get me wrong, every Christmas with you is fun.  This is the first time I think you really got it.  We had watched “Santa Claus is coming to town” many times.  You played and sang songs and pretend you helped out the reindeer.  You were really into it!  Every day you looked forward to putting another ornament on the advent tree (although you didn't like to wait and many times we'd have to remove ornaments in teaching you about the Advent season).  Then, one of my favorite moments this year happened on Christmas Eve.  It was LATE, and you were still up.  We had just opened the present with the book and pajamas inside.  We quickly changed you into your new pajamas, read the new Christmas book (Mortimer's Christmas Manger), and you told us you were excited and ready for Santa, he was coming to your house TONIGHT.  Then you left the room.  We figured you had gone up to get ready for bed.  Nope.  You came back in the room with your chair, placed it in front of the fireplace, sat down and told us you were waiting for Santa.  You wanted to talk to Santa.  He was coming and you would be there waiting.  Dada quickly snapped a picture on his phone.  You stuck your head in the fireplace.  I couldn’t help but smile.  So incredibly precious.  We eventually got you upstairs by telling you that Santa would not be able to deliver presents to our house if you were not asleep by midnight, it was already after 11.  You raced upstairs and were asleep within 15 minutes.  Again, such a big happy smile on my face now just thinking about your excitement.

You have so much life in you and I am truly honored to get to watch you grow and become your own little person.  I look forward to writing you more letters and showing you how wonderful it is to be your mama.  A mama who is soon to have a five year old, still can hardly imagine it's been five years.  I love you to the moon and back baby girl.