Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday sillies!

After all the heaviness of this past week's activities, we thought it was time for us all to have some fun this weekend.  And what better way to have fun than to go to Nanny and Pappa's house to celebrate Daddy's birthday!!!  Here is a photo montage of our funfilled weekend:

First off, here is my first attempt at putting your hair in pig tails!  You love it!  You play with them constantly (yes, resulting in me putting them back in over and over again, but hey, it's helping me learn how to do them more quickly! - smile)!  Tell me you don't smile when you see this picture?!  How could you not?!  (smile)

The first part of celebrating a birthday is to make Daddy a cake!  Here you are making the cake and smelling it!  Ha ha!  (smile)  You love to smell all the food we prepare before cooking it!

And here's the final product!  I found a tutorial on Pinterest on how to do this to the batter and it worked (even worked with making some minor changes)!  I will definitely be trying this again!

And who has a birthday celebration without games!  Here you are playing Chutes and Ladders with Daddy for the first time!  Okay, truth is you didn't actually get through the entire game but you ask to play it almost every day!  I think we have a little gamer on our hands.  (smile)

Could not resist this!  You're going in to take your turn!  You're getting so big so fast!

Next stop, Nanny and Pappa's.  And since you are my little tomato, we had to make a stop and pick some of Nanny and Pappa's tomatoes from their garden:

Here is a nice red one Nanny!

 Look, I got it off the branch!

Yum!  Down the hatch!  (smile - plus I cannot help but laugh at the leaf in front of your eye - snicker)

And what's a sunny Summer day without some pool fun!  SPLASH!

 You absolutely LOVE the water!  Look at that smile!

And lastly, time to celebrate Daddy's birthday with a birthday cake decorated by none other than YOU!

Sneaking a lick of frosting:

Decorating like a pro!  Cannot wait to see your Christmas Cookie decorations this year!  My little artist.  (smile)

Who could resist licking the whisk?!  Not this little girl.

Daddy getting in on some of the frosting action.  Love that you both have your tongues sticking out!  (smile)

A fun day had by all!  Love this cheesy grin!!!

Happy birthday Daddy!!!


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