Friday, August 2, 2013

Time for Blueberries!!!

In an effort to give you memories and experiences, this morning I took you blueberry picking at E. B. Blueberries in Imlay City for your very first time!  (And mine too!)  It was such a blast!  Here's a sneak peak:

Look at the size of those bushes! 
At least 7 feet tall and higher!
Don't they look scrumptious!

It was an adventure right from the beginning.  You see, we've been potty training you lately and you've been doing great!  Even telling us when you have to go.  So before we left, I took you to the potty.  Then I asked if you wanted a diaper for the ride.  You said no.  GULP.  So off we went for the 40+ minute ride with no diaper!  And you did great!

On the ride up there, I wasn't quite sure how it would go.  Dark clouds were looming towards the West and we even had a couple of sprinkles on our windshield.  But we kept going.  We weren't going to let that stop us.

We got just north of Armada and we had our first hiccup.  Our only hiccup actually and it didn't turn out too bad!  The freeway/road we were taking North was closed and the detour was VERY easy.  We followed it and got stopped a few times for construction crews, but after that, it was smooth sailing.  Some of the roads were back roads and it was neat to see how high the corn had gotten and you could even start to see some ears of corn on the stalks!  I couldn't help but think how much Michigan really is "country" with all the farms we have.  And at the same time, how neat is that you can go and experience farms but we don't have to take care of one each day.  (smile)

We turned into the little parking lot and believe it or not, the sun was shining!  We were far enough North we didn't have to worry about rain at all!  We got out of the car and saw the storefront.  It was just a little shack of a building.  We headed in, and met a really nice old man who gave us a bucket for the blueberries and told us where the best picking was.  You weren't shy at all.  I am so proud of you.  You told him we were there for blueberry picking and you were so excited!!!

We headed back toward the area he mentioned and you were thrilled!!!  You saw all the blueberries and instantly started eating!  I think by the time we were done, you ate a pint all by yourself.  You just kept eating them!  Good thing they are so healthy.  (smile)

We moved through the bushes and rows and found some really great blueberries.  After a while, you started playing with sticks, hide and go seek, and (my favorite one of all) you would go into the bushes and pretend you were in a jungle.  HILARIOUS!  You had a great time and when it came time to leave, you did not want to go.  (smile)

All in all, we had almost 5 pounds of blueberries!  Here are some pictures of your adventure with blueberry picking!

Love these precious little hands! 
You've got a blueberry in your sites!

Success!  Down the hatch it goes!
And who couldn't love that smile.  Love you sweet girl!

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