Monday, August 5, 2013

To having the mind of a child

Wow!  You impress me every day with how much you are learning and understanding.  You're only 2.5 years old!  I am so impressed with the learning processes of a toddler's brain!

You and Dada created a new game this weekend!  Well, two over the last week!  You stand at the frame of the Great Room's door and Dada pretends to look around and whistle near the fireplace, as though no one else is there.  You take off as fast as you can and "shock" Dada with giggles and hugs.  It is adorable.  The other game is in the same place but slightly different.  Dada takes the pillow and slowly circles it around himself and you chase it, giggling all the while until Dada stops it and you flop down on it.  Again, so adorable!

On Saturday I was so excited!  I put your hair in pig tails for the first time!  You are so adorable!  (have I mentioned that yet - wink)  I cannot wait to have your hair like that more often (which it is not ironic that today while you ate breakfast, I put pigtails in your hair again).  We then started cleaning the Dining Room.  You pointed out what a bunch of our items were in our hands.  After a while, you stopped and played in your play room.  You are trying more and more to play the games we make for you and you tried desperately to set up the matching game.  Your frustration got the best of you and you whined and cried out.  So I went over to help you set it up.  I'm learning that the whining is truly you getting frustrated in that you cannot say what you know in your mind but cannot articulate.  So we are working on it, stopping you and trying to calm you, and asking you to please "Use Your Words."  It's slowly working but also like being a 2 year old, sometimes, you just don't want to and subsequently, put yourself on the step. (smile)

Later that day, Mama had to go to church to assist in a wedding ceremony.  You had come with me the night before for the rehearsal since Dada couldn't get home in time.  You played on the seats and read your books, and had so many people comment on what a beautiful little girl you are.  (smile)  So when I had to leave, you looked at me.  You - "Mama, you're going to help people get married today?"  Me - "Yes sweetie."  You - "Ok!  I'm going to get married someday too!"  I loved to hear those words!  (smile)

I then met you at church for service and found out, you did not take a nap for Dada.  Uh oh.  But, you were really good for being as tired as you were.  You're learning so much about faith, love and religion and it makes me smile thinking about it.  I hope this love continues throughout your lifetime.  While at church, we saw JT&H with their son T and we decided to all go out to dinner!  How much fun unplanned ideas can be!  We all went over to Camp Ticonderoga and had such a wonderful dinner!  You and T colored, talked, and more than once, you came close to hurting yourself getting out of your chair.  That's another aspect of toddlers that is so cool.  No fear until you actually get hurt.  There was literally no step to get out of the chair but you were putting one there.  (smile) 

I love you so much sweetie!  More to come tomorrow of what you're learning!


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