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2014: A Year of Changes

Before I begin writing my thoughts on this, I must first apologize to you Miss E for not keeping up with all the happenings and everything you've done over the last several months.  I have lots of pictures but I have failed in my intentions to write you multiple letters.  However, with each failure there is success, and I will continue to strive to write to you as often as I can. (smile)

I try not to be the Debbie Downer type, but admittedly, last year was one of the hardest years of my life.  There were illnesses, surgeries, deaths, fertility problems, the list goes on and on.  Knowing we were about to start a new year, we wanted to make it a fresh new beginning.  And thus our "Year of Changes" was born.

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First change to make in this year is to improve our overall health.  We have changed how we are eating.  No more eating out (well, trying to limit that to only once a month), taking our vitamins daily, and try to use every morsel of food by either more preparation or more canning, etc.  For instance, in December we made a turkey and a ham and received a second ham bone.  We now have a TON of stock!  First time in my life making it and I was shocked at how easy it was!  I made Leftover Hambone Soup, then froze three 2/3 full quart sized Mason jars of hambone stock and we have four quarts of Turkey Stock!  (Now, for those of you reading this, go, run over to Brown Eyed Baker's blog!  Her recipes have never let me down!)  I'm excited to see what foods we will come up and prepare!

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Second change we're making is to become a "Green" (or at least greener) family.  Some may say I'm just a little too much of a tree hugger as it is, well, you may see an increase this year. (smile)  This year, we plan to use up our household cleaners and also try to use more environmentally safe products.  I see me, baking soda and white distilled vinegar becoming great pals. (smile)  Already today, I descaled my Keurig using this technique and then cleaned my shower head using this technique.  IT WORKED!!!  And I had to do practically nothing, no scrubbing what so ever.  AWESOME!

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Third change is a huge challenge, but one that must be met with vigor and success, and we WILL be successful.  Since this will be my first full year as a stay at home mom, we will be pinching as many pennies as we can.  Some call it being more fiscally responsible or frugal, others, call me cheap.  (smile - you know who you are and I hold no ill will)  This doesn't mean we won't do things, and have fun.  Our attempt is to be much more frugal about it and knowing what everything costs.  Step one, I'm signing us up for (gulp)

(Baby L on his first day in this world)

There are more changes, challenges and fun times ahead in 2014.  I will be getting to be a nanny again to my newest nephew, Baby L!  I look forward to watching how Miss E gets to play big sister to her cousin.  We are also planning a few camping trips for the summer and even trying to think of what we should do for our FIVE year anniversary in October (cannot believe it has been five years already - any suggestions as to what to do?).  The possibilities are limitless and I cannot wait to make this year our own.

Doing all of these changes will help us to be better parents, be a better family, and to have an overall better view on life.  So many times people are weighed down by the things they see on Facebook, or the items pinned on Pinterest, and believe they just aren't doing enough and their child/ren will suffer.  I am not the first to say this, but you are doing what you can and that makes you a great mom.  I am not a Pinterest crafty mom.  But I do what I can.  And I have to have confidence in that, something that has been lacking over the past year or so.  I read this blog this morning and it talks of being a good enough mom.  I could not agree more and I will strive each and every breath to remember that I am enough.

Love you so much sweetheart,


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  1. Aww, I love this. These are all things I am always working on too! Well, except the eating out part -- that is my budgeting weakness! I have found staying home and tracking our spending has been so fun and has made me re-consider a lot of the frivolous things of my past life. I am cheap where I need to be and spend on the important things -- food, shelter and the occasional splurge of a fun day out or date night. All else can easily come second hand or simply wait until it's absolutely needed. Cheers to an amazing 2014 for you!!!