Monday, September 23, 2013

Our New Adventure,

With all the events that have transpired this year, the hardest and easiest decision made was that changes were needed.  We needed to break the cycle of this year.  So with that in mind, the first change we made was for me to become a stay at home mommy with you!  To say that I am nervous and excited is an understatement but what's good is I am more excited than nervous.  (smile)  I have begun to look for different things we can do together while I am home.  Some are fun play activities such as play groups and MOPS, while others are learning tools with lots of of free homeschooling preschool items available online!  I tease Daddy we just need to buy stock in paper and printer ink.  (smile)

I am so excited to watch you grow and learn and hope and pray that our time together will be a time we look back on and appreciate.  I love you so much my baby girl!


(PS...Yes I keep changing how I spell my name and what I use - smile.  For now, you keep calling me Momma and I just like the way this looks!  Stay tuned!)

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