Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Munchies!

With our new found "Year of Change" in full swing, we experimented this weekend with some new foods and some oldies but goodies!!!  All without having to go to the grocery store!  

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On Saturday you and I worked together to bake Banana Cake.  Now, it may sound crazy to make a cake so close to your birthday which is not for your birthday, but here's the story as to why.  (smile)  We had two leftover bananas that were over ripe and ready for making Banana Nut Bread.  But on Friday, I found this recipe for Banana Cake with Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting on  Daddy took one look at this recipe and really wanted it.  We put it up to a vote.  It was a tie!  You voted for Banana Nut Bread (you LOVE mama's Banana Nut Bread) and he voted for the cake.  So we compromised that the next time we had over ripe bananas we'd make the bread and this time we'd make cake.  Saturday morning we woke up and made this cake.  It was so much fun having you help me and you definitely wanted to help!  The only "substitution" we did is the recipe called for four ripe bananas or about 1 1/2 cups.  We only used two and personally, I think if we had used four, it would have been too much banana.  (smile)  You licked the paddle while the cake baked and once baked, we allowed it to cool.  The batter was delicious so I knew I was in trouble.  (wink)  After dinner I frosted the cake with the frosting recipe listed and we had some cake.  It is wonderful!  I'm not sure I've had Banana Cake before but we'll definitely be making it again!  In Daddy's words, it's the banana's version of carrot cake PERFECTION!  Truly yummy!

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For dinner that evening (before the luscious Banana Cake), we made this, Mojo Black Bean-Chicken Pizza.  We've made it before so we knew it would be a big hit.  This time I did a little tweaking and what we thought was a perfect mediterranean type pizza became even more perfect!  Neither I nor Daddy thought that was possible but it indeed was!  For the marinade, we used parsley instead of cilantro (I'm just not a fan of cilantro) and added two cloves (very large cloves I might add) of garlic.  For the chicken, we thawed a chicken breast, cut it into bite sized pieces, and pan cooked it in Zesty Italian Dressing (no oil, just dressing).  It was AWESOME!  And what's neat, it's only 290 calories per slice!!!  Yipee!  A fairly "healthy" way of still eating pizza!  YUM!

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I felt like I was on a cooking roll!  I hadn't cooked/baked so much in a LONG time.  So when I woke up early Sunday morning, I was ready to cook some more.  Since it was officially your birthday week and you were not yet awake, I decided to surprise you with a Sunday breakfast.  I knew I had wanted to make chocolate chip pancakes but had no idea what recipe to use.  So I went searching and found this Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pancake recipe.  It was fantastic!  I made it exactly as printed, no substitutions, well almost.  (wink)  I did not have mini chocolate chips, next time, I'll make it with mini chocolate chips.  Daddy said these pancakes tasted just like Cholocate Cake.  They were a hit and I will definitely be making them again.  The only thing I "might" change is the actual flour I used.  The whole wheat flour we have does have a bit of an after taste so I'm thinking of looking for a different brand.  But all in all, a HUGE hit and a new family recipe!!!

I cannot wait to see what other things we decide to make this year!  Continuing on in our year of change!


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