Monday, July 29, 2013

Tid bits from our weekend...

There are so many things in life that I cannot wait to show you and experience with you.  I know it will all come in due time but to think of all the wonderful things that you will do in your lifetime, well, it gives me chills to know that you were entrusted into our care.  Here are some jottings of your personality and activities over the last few days:

We took you to eat your first ice cream cone on Thursday and it was so neat!  Our church was putting on a fundraiser for orphan children in Kenya at Oberweis and it was so cool to see all the people from Church or from word of mouth come out to support the cause!  And you, well you choose a chocolate ice cream cone and LOVED IT!  You started off by just licking it but once you got it to be the size of your mouth, you put the whole thing in!  (smile)  And you ate every single bite!  Daddy helped you a little bit to keep the mess to a minimum (it was melting fast since we were sitting outside).  Take a look at your happy little face!

 Pretty sure you like ice cream cones:

 Look at that contented chocolate face!

On Saturday, you tested your boundaries, which your two-itude seems to be doing more of lately.  (smile)  You had decided it was funny to call me by my first name.  We however, did not find that as amusing.  You had done that back on Christmas Eve 2012.  You had heard me being called Aunt Krystin all day while at Nanny and Pappa’s house and insisted on calling me that the rest of the evening.  We learned then you definitely know our names.  However, it is not alright to call us by those names.  Saturday you kept saying, “Krystin, I love you!” and it was adorable to hear you tell me you love me but not so adorable to call me by my first name.  Which lead to lots of sitting on the step.  And lots of conversations on being nice and being mean.  At first you choose to be mean.  I asked you if you wanted to be nice.  You plainly said, “No.”  So more time on the step.  It finally got to the point we had to threaten you with not seeing Nanny.  We were heading to a birthday party that afternoon and Nanny would be there.  But we weren’t going to go if you continued to be mean.  You started to choose to be nice.  (smile)

We headed to the party and you were great!  You played a ton with Mason and to watch the two of you in the bounce house together was so incredibly sweet!  The love you have for your cousins amazes me!  I grew up without any cousins and the ones that I have are all my parents’ cousins that are out of state.  So to watch you with him was so much fun.  You screamed, laughed, played, you plainly had a blast in that bounce house!  You were sad when Mason didn’t want to be in the house anymore so you even tried to pull him back in!  (smile)

On the way home though, you pushed your boundaries, again.  You insisted on calling me Krystin again.  So I took your balloon and I played with it.  And you little stinker, it took you all the way home before you got that we meant business.  You finally asked me to turn around and said, “I love you.  Can I call you mama and not mommy?”  Yes you can sweetie.  (smile)

I'll leave you with one last thing.  Yesterday, while getting ready for church, you ran into our closet and shut the door.  A moment later you turned on the light and several moments after that, you came out and we were both impressed and laughing.  You walked out of the closet wearing my boots!  With heels!  And you looked right up to me and said, "Look Mama! I'm Jessie!"  So adorable!  You thought you were like Jessie from Toy Story 2 because of the boots!  Hilarious!

Jessie's boots!

And upside down silly Jessie!

I love that your imagination is really starting to take shape and you recognize things, like the boots that Jessie wears in Toy Story.  You’re a good kid even with all your two-itude and twama.  (smile)  And I love you so much.


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