Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To parents with children in carseats,

Carseats.  Not much to say about this.  HA!  So many people have their theories and so many many children are strapped in their carseats in ways that could be so much safer.  I'm not going to sit and discuss all the issues and problems and carseats that are out there.  I will however post a picture.  I think this picture best describes the type of carseat children should be in.  We kept Miss E rear facing until 2 years old, as is the recommended, and I know so many more people who keep their children rear facing longer.  This is just to help people to see what type of carseat their child should be in and at what age.  Like the page I first saw this on, I agree that this graphic should be posted wherever carseats are sold!

Just wanting people to stay informed!  Have a great Tuesday!

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