Monday, April 22, 2013

To my fellow Earth Day enthusiasts,

Today is Earth Day and although I’m not a “tree hugger,” I have to admit to becoming more and more of one.  You see, I’ve literally worked next to a landfill for the better part of 5 years.  Some days the stench is bad, it seems to get into the building.  And when I go on mid-day walks, the sounds of trucks dumping more trash and the smell just gets me feeling a little sad.  What are we doing to the planet and what will our future generations inherit from all this?  Sometimes, I feel as though the people in the 1800’s had it right.  They tried to use everything that they could.
So, you ask, why say all this. Well, one of the areas we try very hard on to reduce our “garbage” is to cloth diaper our child.  I know, some people think us crazy or hippy, but we’ve truly enjoyed cloth diapering our daughter.  Now that we’re heading into the potty training phase (yippee on a no accident weekend), I get a little nostalgic and sad that I no longer have a baby in a cloth bum.  We don’t know if we’ll have any more children (subject for a future post potentially)and it was fun picking out what diaper she would wear and when she got older, her requesting which one she’d like to wear.
It has been fun researching what to put her in at night the last couple of months.  You see, she’s a heavy wetter and I wasn’t sure what, if any, cloth diaper would be able to contain her night issues.  We ended up putting a disposable diaper on her for the better part of a year at night because we were having so many issues.  Well, now, I have found two great solutions for the heavy wetter cloth diaper issue!!!  One diaper find was the Kawaii Overnight Diapers.  They are so very soft and absorb a TON.  They are not American made (I really try to stick with American diapers) but, I was desperate and had to find something.  You can only wash sheets so many nights in a row before going insane.  (smile)  A second diaper solution was the GMD prefolds.  When I started cloth diapering, I wanted to stay away from these as they intimidated me.  They seemed like they were like the ones my mom had me in back in the day and I heard all those horror stories.  However, with a cover, they are the most adsorbent solution I have found!  We purchased the XL Toddler in Organic Unbleached Cotton and could not be happier.  She knows she’s wet in the morning, and believe it or not, she still has room if she has a “morning accident!”  What a great treat!
If you have any more questions on cloth diapering and/or just are curious, please feel free to ask!  We love our cloth diaper experience and hope we get to do it again! (smile)
Happy Earth Day!  Reduce your carbon footprint by starting off small!  That's what we did and we're loving every minute of it.  (smile)

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