Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Great way to start the Lenten season...

My daughter continues to amaze me. Please bear with me as this may get a little wordy as I am crying happy tears...

As a child, I grew up with a handicapped sister. I wasn't always the best to my sister, as many sisters can attest to. But it was my reality and that's how I was raised. Love not hate. I helped out at her birthday parties, playing with the kids that probably didn't get a lot of kids playing with them. I know there were times I really didn't want to, but I did it for them and for her. So many times I remember my sister telling me she just wanted to be "normal." But what is normal anyway?! This was the reality we were dealt and we had our moments, both good and bad, but I remember lots of good fun times (lots of inside jokes here right Valerie?). :)
 smile emoticon
Today, I am so very proud of our Little Miss E. Today she played with a little boy while out with her Nanny. It didn't matter what he looked like, only that he was a little boy and they both played and had a good time. When it was time to go, he blew her kisses and the grandmother of the boy thanked Miss E and Nanny. You see, the boy has down syndrome and many don't want to play with him. They look and ask questions. Not our Little Miss E. She just wanted to play. She never questioned how he looked. He and her just had fun playing as only two children can.

I am so proud to call her my child. She never questioned, just played. We could all use a bit of childlike mentality. Don't question, just play. I am also so proud and thankful of my sister. I cannot think of a better way to start Lent. <3heart emoticon

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